Identifying German Character Dolls

Mary Gorham Krombholz

In this comprehensive, profusely illustrated book, veteran researcher Mary Gorham Krombholz unravels the mysterious behind the production of the German character dolls produced in the first few decades of the twentieth century by a wide range of manufacturers. Relying on firsthand research and primary sources, she documents the complex and labor-intensive process by which character dolls were produced in the two major dollmaking areas of Thuringia, Waltershausen and Sonneberg. Individual and group photos of more than 800 characters dolls, accompanied by detailed captions including highlighted markings, dominate this invaluable volume.

Mary Krombholz's books are now distributed by the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC). Please call UFDC at 816-891-7040, or go to to purchase her books.

Reverie Publishing
344 pages

Hard cover with dust jacket, 9 x 12 inches
ISBN: 978-1932485554


No Longer Available